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Corporate Overview

Tex Cycle started in 1984 as a small industry to provide alternatives to industry all over Peninsular Malaysia to recycle and recover scheduled waste. Licensed by Department of Environment to operating and recovery facility in Selangor and uses the latest technology to cater for the demand of decontaminating scheduled waste with minimum impact to the environment. 

Our new facility, Tex Cycle (P2), is located in Klang industry area, this state of-the-art facility boast a significantly increased storage capability. This increase the storage areas to over 300,000 square feet of holding area, allowing unprecedented collection of scheduled waste, as well as to handle difference waste codes. 

Our job is remove contaminants from the soiled materials so that they can be reused. Damaged materials can also be converted into safe recyclable products, fit for reuse. 

Our new factory, utilizing the latest state-of-art technology is designed to handle the logistics and processes involved in waste management. Safety and hygiene consciousness is company law at Tex Cycle. Our trained drivers and service personnel are committed to quality and provide the best solutions in waste management. 

Tex Cycle prides itself in the fields of research, trend development and service excellence. We work closely with our customers and the authorities in complying with the latest environmental regulation. Being a major player in the environment business, we will continue to service and upgrade our processing methods to meet or exceed the stringent government standards for waste-water purity. 

Tex Cycle envisions being The Preferred Scheduled Waste Recycler in Malaysia. It aims to achieve this vision through practice of sustainability in every aspect of the business with persistence and Commitment, Determination and passion. It further aspires to one day being able to achieve zero-waste through maximization of resouces.

Tex Cycle is committed in doing its part by engaging in continued ways and means to reduce all possible threats to the Environment. It embraces all relevant national and international efforts and inspires awareness on environmental protection to the Community at large. 

Tex Cycle believes in sharing our resources with our most important Stakeholder, our Employees who are given utmost priority. We pursue our mission with continuous commitment in ensuring that our Employees work in safe environment and return to their families safely. 

Being in a competitive marketplace, it is essential for our professional teams to manage our Customer's satisfaction efficiently and proactively. We uphold this with loyal and professional assistance which is provided in engaging our exceptional services and reliable products at all times. Tex Cycle embarks on continuous R&D in striving to do business profitably and responsibly by seeking up-to-date Technologies and modern state-of-the-art equipment and upgrading its operations for more effectiveness and efficiency in all that it does. 

Tex Cycle addresses Corporate Responsibility to the future generation through various projects, collaborations, exhibitions and awareness programs to instill the importance of caring for the environment.

Our Advantages

Join us in our journey to create a cleaner, greener future for our planet. At Tex Cycle, we believe in the power of recycling and renewable energy to pave the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous world. Together, we can make a difference.

Certified and in strict adherence to the environmental quality regulations and policies established by the government
Working with a licensed by Department Of Environment (DOE) and ISO 14001 Certified company
Practise 4Rs, reduce, reuse, recover and recycle towards greener environmental practices with sustainable development.

Enhanced housekeeping through increased, mutually agreed-upon collection frequency and scheduled days.

Cost saving using our rental TC cloths, rags or Soak-up absorbent with transportation and recycling at one cost.

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