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Datuk Keh Chuan Seng

Executive Chairman

Datuk Keh Chuan Seng was appointed to the Board on 3 May 2023 as the Executive Chairman. Datuk Keh brings with him a wealth of real estate development experience and built discipline inculcated from his days in Japan from 1991 to 2005. Datuk Keh has been blessed with cross-border opportunities in the development industry. Foremost is his planning capabilities and expertise in strategizing housing development projects. Aside from time in Malaysia, he cultivated invaluable built experience from his 14 long years spent in the Japanese-built industry. His wide array of experience also included the food and beverages business in Japan and the niche bird nest trading and evergreen fishery businesses in Malaysia.

Currently, Datuk Keh is the Executive Chairman of K. Seng Seng Corporation Berhad and Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad. He is also the Chairman of Frazel group of companies and has directorships in various other private businesses. He is also a director of a few public companies namely ES Sunlogy Berhad, HB Global Venture Berhad and Agricore CS Holdings Berhad. 

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